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For over 80 years, INDEECO has been building state-of-the-art electric heating and control systems for a wide variety of industrial, marine, and commercial applications. All products are manufactured in their two manufacturing facilities located in Missouri to insure strict quality control and customer satisfaction.

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Product offering ranges from the standard tubular heating elements described in this catalog to custom designed elements.

Houk Equipment Sales in Iowa and Nebraska is a leading Indeeco heater distributor. We offer a large selection of electric immersion Indeeco heaters. These heaters operate in a control range from 60 to 250 degrees Fahrenheit. Process air heaters offered by Indeeco help with heating forced air in industrial systems. We also have circulation Indeeco heaters available to help you heat fluids and gases. Impedance heating systems and tubular and finned tubular elements are available as well. As a premier Indeeco heater distributor, we strive to deliver heaters that best suit your business needs. Contact Houk in the Iowa and Nebraska area today to receive a free quote.

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