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Houk Equipment Sales has an excellent supply of cooling tower equipment. Cooling towers are an excellent resource that can perform heat rejection. The cooling of a water stream to a lower temperature is an evaporative process. Wet surfaces have higher cooling potential than dry surfaces and therefore cool more efficiently. The cooling tower equipment Houk offers will keep your cooling tower running effectively and efficiently for years to come. Known for their durability, these cooling tower products are of the highest quality.

We have a lot of available cooling tower products, such as access door gasket, access door gasket material, and access door knobs. The access door gaskets we offer are excellent seals, and their high-quality rubber allows them to be installed on any type of surface. Basin heaters and condenser fans are ideal for temperature regulation. The basin heaters we have for sale are made with durable copper heating elements for extended product life. Our bearings and hardware come in a variety of measurements to ensure a secure fit.

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